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44.1khz 16 bit monaural PCM WAV files.

Add the font folder you wish to convert.

Click "Convert Audio" and then Download the resulting zip file to your computer. Files will be available for 3 minutes.


1. Choose a source and target format from the drop down menus below.

2. Add the font folder you wish to convert.

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3. Click "Convert" and then Download the resulting zip file to your computer.
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Please Read Me!
Automated cross conversion of saber sound font naming conventions between popular controller boards:
Proffieboard, CFX, Golden Harvest 3, Verso, and Xenopixel 3.
No need to manually rename a font (or many fonts) so it can be used on a different platform. Just click and done.

Automatically converts audio files if the source is not in optimal 44.1kHz, 16 bit, monaural PCM WAV file format.

Proffie to Proffie conversions organize and rename a ProffieOS sound font for the best performance when used on FAT32 formatted media.
The Optimize checkbox is also on by default for other boards to Proffie conversions, but can be turned off. (but why?)

Usage: Super easy. Barely an inconvenience.

  • Choose a source and target sound board format.
  • Choose a font folder from your local computer.
  • Click the Convert button.
  • Click the Download button to retrieve a zip file containing the newly named font files.

NEW in 4.0.1
- Specific GH3 naming fixes.
- CFX results now properly do not number the first blaster.wav file.
- Tracks, extras, bonus etc… files no longer changed to all lowercase.
- Verso 2.0 support - also add blast1.wav for blaster firing sound.
As of 4.0.0
- Support for .mp3 files. They will be converted to ideal .wav format as well.
- Stand-alone audio converter without renaming or restructuring anything with the "Convert Audio Only" button up top.
Download starts automatically when finished.
- "Multiple Fonts" checkbox allows for selecting a folder of font folders to be processed.
This applies automatically to Audio Only conversions.

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